Film equipment rental company

The Out of Frame Rental house

About Us

We are a film equipment rental company specializing in renting camera equipment from leading manufacturers such as ARRI, ZEISS, Cooke, Leitz Cine, Canon, O’Connor, Atomos, Teradek, Cartoni, Chrosziel, Tiffen, P+S Technik and TVLogic. We are following the latest trends and constantly expanding our offer in order to be able to meet our clients’ every need. We also offer rental cars for transporting film equipment, including a car adapted so that it can be used on the film set.

Our Offer

Our equipment can be utilized during the production process of commercials, TV Shows and feature films, both the smaller ones and the largest where the equipment must meet the highest standards. The offer of our rental house includes among others ARRI ALEXA 35, ARRI ALEXA Mini and ARRI ALEXA Plus XR cameras with necessary accessories and equipment for handling materials on the set such as the Cine Take HD set. We also have top-class movie lenses, including among others ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime, Cooke Anamorphic/i SF, ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime, ZEISS Standard Speed, P+S Technik KOWA EVOLUTION 2X and Atlas Orion Series Anamorphic lenses. Due to the introduction of Full Frame sensors in movie cameras, we have expanded our offer to include Full Frame cameras – ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and Sony VENICE as well as Full Frame lenses – Cooke S7/i, TRIBE7  BLACKWING7 and Leitz Cine HUGO. We also offer rental cars for transporting film equipment, including cars adapted to work on the set.

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